CelebriDucks Testimonials   Over the past few years our CelebriDuck rubber duckies have been reviewed by leading publications worldwide. However, it’s your feedback that really floats our boat…er, floats our rubber duck. Here are just a few of the many hundreds of letters our staff has collected from people who collect rubber ducks to companies and corporations who buy our unique rubber ducks for custom promotional items:

Dear Craig, the Head Quacker of CelebriDucks,


Since Elvis was my actually my first love, let me start by quacking the praises of your little CelebriDucks.  The first song I ever  sang was “To Know Him Is To Love Him”.  I was the lead singer of the Teddy bears and it became a number one hit and was the reason Elvis became my first love.He wanted to meet the girl who sang the song because he loved the sound of my voice. And I loved him and for 9 months we loved each other. I have gone on to be nominated for 10 major music awards: 2 golden globes, 1 Grammy, 5 Emmys, and 2 Oscars. One was for co-writing the theme song from Rocky. “Gonna Fly Now”.. So I am quacking off with Yo Rocky and Go CelebriDucks and I am still quacking music out there!


Carol Connors, 2 time Oscar nominated songwriter www.carolconnors.com Carol Connor’s film reel for 2011 Hollywood FAME Awards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txHamomedwk


How is it that these little gems flew under the radar for so long? Rubber Duckies have come of age with CelebriDucks, limited edition rubber duck collectibles detailed to look like duckie versions of some of the greatest icons of film, music, history and sports.Included in the vast collection are Betty Boop, Elvis, Dr. Frankenfurter, William Shakespeare, Jesus, Barry Bonds and the beloved characters from the Wizard of Oz.More than just a gimmick, these little critters are amazingly detailed, while still maintaining the charming qualities that make rubber duckies so, well, collectible.


Galen Jones Red Nightlife Magazine


Couldn’t be more impressed. As you promised they are WAY cooler in “real life” than in some internet picture. The packaging is first-rate also.I plan on using them quite often on-air in the near future on 9NEWS, the NBC affiliate in Denver, which is the highest- rated local television station in America.  Thanks again.


Drew Soicher KUSA-TV Sports Anchor


My name is Doc Miller. I am the Music Director/Evening Air Personality for RadioNow 93.1 here in Indianapolis. I have just recently discovered you guys after the Indiana Firebirds came on our show last week. Ray Philwya had a CelebriDuck in his own image, and I thought it was the coolest thing I have ever seen, because parts of my home are decorated with rubber duck collectibles. I just thought I would give you guys credit for a REALLY cool idea. I am just trying to narrow down which ones of the “CelebriDucks” on your site I will buy. Keep it up (or should I say, keep floating?)


Doc Miller Music Director/Evening Air-Personality WNOU, Indianapolis (RadioNow 93.1)


Mr. Wolfe, After reading a great article about your company the latest Kidscreen Magazine, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am of you and your products I definitely think the sports market was a perfect niche for CelebriDucks. Keep up the great work! (the Osbournes and KISS CelebriDucks are great!)


Kenny Micka Co-Producer King of the Hill


deutsch bank logoReceived the ducks, they look great!  Everyone enjoys them very much.  Thank you again.


Best, Ethan


Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street, New York, NY, UAA 1000




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