April 2009 News

Our Barack Obama Rubber Duck CelebriDuck arrived this weekend! Our Barack Obama CelebriDuck Rubber Duck arrived this weekend! He is one of the most requested ducks we have ever created with hundreds of them on backorder. I wish we could have added him to the line sooner, but unfortunately, I had to make sure who won the election!…. and then for a CelebriDuck, with the intricate process involved in creating each and every duck, it is always a number of months of sculpting, making wax molds, production molds, painting, etc., etc…

But I do think it was all worth it!


Elvis Presley Gold Lame Rubber Duck CelebriDuckIn June, we are going to be releasing a third edition Elvis Presley Gold Lame CelebriDuck which we know many people have been waiting for, especially with both of the earlier Elvis CelebriDucks completely selling out.

I’ll have pictures to show shortly.




Pink Panther Rubber Duck CelebriDuck


We sent some CelebriDucks to Society of Singers which was created by Ginny Mancini whose husband, Henry Mancini, is perhaps most famous for having written the theme to the Pink Panther movies not to mention Moon River.

Ginny wrote us a very kind note after she received the Pink Panther CelebriDuck telling how much she enjoyed it. The Society does wonderful work in helping out professional singers.

The Singers newsletter did a very nice little write-up about us in their Newsletter, click here to read it

Gene Simmons - KISS rubber duck


AM NY featured our Gene Simmons – KISS rubber duck as the product of the week and Marin Magazine, which is we where we are located here in Northern California, wrote a very nice write-up on the company.


Every year the Spanish Oaks Country Club in Austin, Texas does a CelebriDucks duck race which is always a lot of fun.

This year they sent us some photos which you can see below.

e Spanish Oaks Country Club in Austin, Texas does a CelebriDucks duck
At the Starting Gate
e Spanish Oaks Country Club in Austin, Texas does a CelebriDucks duck

And They’re off!

e Spanish Oaks Country Club in Austin, Texas does a CelebriDucks duck
Which Way to the Finish Line?
e Spanish Oaks Country Club in Austin, Texas does a CelebriDucks duck
The Winner is Bevo – By a Beak!

I will be in touch shortly with some news on our new CelebriDucks clothing line which I think you will really enjoy. Talk to you soon… Craig Wolfe- President-CelebriDucks

Barack Obama Rubber Ducks Arrive Just in Time

Barack Obama Limited Edition Rubber Duck Collectibles

Barack Obama Limited Edition Rubber Duck Collectibles

Hope Floats! PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA Limited Edition Rubber Ducks Are Finally Here!

The Duck Stops Here!

San Rafael, California – April 5th, 2009 – CelebriDucks, the original creator of the first ever celebrity rubber ducks of the greatest icons of film, music, athletics and history have now officially entered the political arena with their limited first edition Barack Obama rubber duck.

Meet President Barack Obama, a collectible limited edition rubber duckElegantly attired with an American flag lapel pin, this is no sitting duck, but rather someone who can float in choppy waters.

CelebriDucks president, Craig Wolfe, remarked, “In hard times, we need a real political heavyweight in our bath to help lighten things up.

Retailers can now create their own stimulus package as Barack Obama is our number one requested CelebriDuck. A chicken in every pot…a duck in every tub…finally, the duck stops here!

Each one comes in his own beautiful gift box with “Yes We Can” boldly written on the front.

The company is best known for their line of celebrity rubber ducks including The Wizard of Oz, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Larry the Cable Guy, and the highly popular  Gene Simmons KISS  limited edition among hundreds of others.

The company created a Tropical Parrot, complete with Hawaiian shirt and shades, for The Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Cafés, and successfully sell their Blues Brother’s ducks at all House of Blues venues nationwide. They also recently broke new ground by creating the world’s first ever floating Pink Flamingo which debuted at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

CelebriDucks has produced custom rubber ducks for the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NHL, Collegiate Mascots, and NASCAR. The company has pioneered a whole new collectible and to date their ducks have appeared on numerous TV shows including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CBS Evening Magazine, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. CelebriDucks were voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly.

President Barack Obama Rubber Duck CelebriDuck

HOPE FLOATS -Hitting the pond soon is our newest acquisition in our rubber duck celebrity line.

Meet President Barack Obama, a collectible limited edition rubber duck that will be sure to please rubber ducky lovers and collectors worldwide.

This presidential duck will be the duckiest addition to your political collection or as a fundraising promotional item.

Our limited edition rubber duck in the image of our current President is hitting the shelves soon. Scheduled release April 2009.

Be sure to get them before they are gone.

Will Ferrell Promotional Gift Item If you are seeking wholesale rubber ducks as a promotional gift giveaway, or for your fundraising event, CelebriDucks are a great way to raise funds for schools, teams, non-profits, etc, and make an exceptional collectible which people love to own.

CelebriDucks creates extraordinary rubber ducks and promotional gift items for some of the world’s most famous Professional Sports Franchises and Corporations. Our custom rubber duck celebrities are unique

Our custom rubber duck celebrities are unique in that they all come in their own high quality gift box, all CelebriDucks have the edition printed on the bottom so each duck becomes part of a very exclusive limited edition, our rubber ducks are designed to float perfectly upright, and will never let in any water.

With their unsurpassed sculpted detail and painting, they are, quite simply, the finest “rubber” duckies on the market.