CelebriDucks creates extraordinary rubber ducks for some of the world’s most famous Professional Sports Franchises and Corporations. Our custom rubber ducks are unique in that they all come in their own high quality gift box, float perfectly upright, and never let in any water. With their unsurpassed detail in our sculpting and painting, we are considered the finest rubber ducks on the market and the top custom duck manufacturer in the world. We can also make almost anything, not just rubber ducks.  Below you can see an example of our Wash Poufs that we created of Will Ferrell for the movie Semi-Pro.  We make these fun and unique items for our clients as a very popular promotional item that people love.


CelebriDucks rubber ducks also make a fantastic item for fundraising. You can use any rubber duck we have in stock or we can create a specific custom rubber ducky just for your event. They are a great way to raise funds for schools, teams, non-profits, etc, and make an exceptional collectible which people love to own.

Click below to download of custom rubber duck letter

Click below to download custom rubber duck letter

Word Document | PDF File How To Make a CelebriDuck Rubber Duckie

With the tremendous exposure we get on national television, in magazines, and in newspapers, your rubber duck will be included and be seen by the thousands of people who visit our web site.  You can read more testimonials here: http://celebriducks.com/index.php/testimonials/.  Below are just of few of the custom CelebriDuck rubber duckies that we have created recently.
One of the most iconic brands in America asked us to create a Harley-Davidson rubber duck. He comes in a gorgeous gift box showcasing their graphics and the tag line, “Float to Live, Live to Float!” They also wanted to know if we could make it 100% in the USA which we did! Thanks to Harley’s tremendous patience and support, we created this awesome collectible for The Harley-Davidson Museum.
 UltraCarz is an American company creating cutting edge technology to increase gas mileage in any kind of vehicle.  They are really trying to make a difference in helping the environment and also by supporting American jobs.   So when they wanted a promotional item to sell and give to clients, they came to us to create the Ultra Carz biker duck 100% in the USA!
 United Way of Morrow County in Ohio stepped forward to do the first ever traditional yellow duck race with 100% Made in America rubber ducks.  This United Way chapter was totally committed to supporting American jobs and industry and it was a huge success.  You can watch us making their ducks in the video clip on the top of the Made in America section on our website that HGTV filmed at our factory!
 The Battleship New Jersey museum is a living monument featuring one of the actual classic battleships that was a major part of World War II.  They had us create the first ever military duck that was 100% designed and sculpted in the United States!!!  You can buy one on their website at: www.battleshipnewjersey.org.
Sterling Health & Wellness had us create Darcy, their new mascot, to encourage supporting things made in America as part of their Healthy Living Initiative. After searching extensively to find a healthy, happy duckie to complement their Sweet  Lullaby collection of bath products, they found CelebriDucks. Watch the clip HGTV filmed of them being made at our factory in N.Y. at the top of the Made in America section on our website. Sterling Health Boutique’s lotions, bath products, and candles are artisan crafted, small batch luxuries created with quality standards and hand poured with joy in Huntsville, Alabama.  www.HealthSterling.com
 The Nebraska State 4-H Camp created the world’s first ever Floating BBQ Duck/Pig Race.  All funds support the camp and future races will be sanctioned with the Kansas City Barbeque Society.  What could be more fun!
 Bob’s Space Racers runs Gaming Operations all over the world.  They had us make four different colored fish that had to float just below the water with just a small part showing above.  The fish also had to float upright and not tip over. They came out just great and look amazing!
 A company in Canada had us design our largest duck ever at 8 1/2 inches that is made to float in lakes and mark obstructions that boaters will want to avoid.  No more plastic milk cartons cluttering up a gorgeous lake.  Here is a very cute fun way to mark dangerous objects in the lake with fun and class!  You can buy one and read more at www.buoybuddies.ca.
The Port of Long Beach is one of America’s premier seaports and a trailblazer in goods movement and environmental stewardship. To connect with the community, they had us develop a Cargo Boat for them that would float perfectly upright with extraordinary detail.  They give them out at their community outreach events.  The boat is truly a work of art that we are very proud of.
The soft traditional yellow rubber duck was actually invented in America and until now, they were all made overseas. We brought the rubber duck industry back to the USA and are now the only ones making them here once again. The Future Farmers of America were the first ones to have them made here again and you can get one of these limited first editions by going to: http://www.nyffafoundation.org/new-york-ffa-duck.html
While bringing the rubber duck industry back to America, the State University of New York contacted us about doing a loon for the first ever duck race in American history using American made ducks (or loons as the case may be). And so on Memorial Day 2012, the big event happened! They are also being used as a great item to raise money for their forestry programs!
  DEVO.  This classic new wave band now has their own DevoDuck.  Quack that Whip!  Quack it good!  The response to this guy has been just fantastic as everyone knows their iconic look and of course their most famous song.  You can purchase one this Summer.
Giftcard Zen is Arizona’s #1 fastest growing tech company. They help people save money by exchanging their unwanted or unused gift cards for cash while helping others save money buying those same cards. Their transparency, accessibility, speed and trust really distinguish them from the competition and is shaking up their industry!
  Polar Spas in Canada contacted us to create their mascot as a collectible gift item that they could sell in their stores.  So welcome Tubbs McCool, their mascot, who sits on an ice float which, yes does float upright, and adds some very cool arctic fun and flair to any tub!  You can actually buy one this summer by visiting their website at www.polarspas.ca.
Marquis Spas and Hot Tubs came to us to create a mascot for their company using a rubber duck, or loon as the case may be, 100% made in America!!   So here he is, Luther Loon.  It really makes sense since Marquis makes all their products 100% in the USA!  It is such an honor to work with them.
ESET North America came to us because they wanted a very cute looking duck to put a hat on for an upcoming trade show.  This is an 800 person company with offices worldwide who discovered one of the first ever computer viruses and went on to create one of the fastest and most effective antivirus programs in the world!  They needed hundreds of these ducks to give away. Their duck was 100% made in America and we even helped them find real little hats to go on their heads.  www.eset.com

Dixie Duckies only uses our 100% made in America rubber ducks for their line of fun themed rubber ducks.  Each Dixie Duckie then travels to a groovy mid-century modern house located smack dab in the heart of Dixie where he is “accouterment-ized” with an outfit and handmade tags customized with your greeting. He is then sent on his way with the noble and heart-felt mission of delivering smiles to someone you care about. Now that’s a Duckie-worthy mission! Check them out at www.DixieDuckies.com.


This is such a great story.  Ducks on the Pond came to us to create a duck 100% made in America to celebrate baseball and rubber ducks, both of which originated in the USA!!  Ducks on the Pond is an expression going back to the 1940s to mean players on base waiting to score.  The company is located in Detroit and they even gave one to Jim Leyland, the Detroit Tiger’s manager, in addition to the team’s owner and management. You can actually buy one by visiting www.Ducksonthepond.com.
We created 2000 gift sets of The Jersey Boys celebrating the iconic story of the rise to fame of The Four Seasons in the 1960s.  They were created as Christmas gifts for the cast and crew worldwide of the tremendously successful Broadway Play.  And yes, they were a huge hit!!
Coastal Shower had us create this amazingly cute “doctor” of quality control rubber duck to give out to all their clients.  Their manufacturing operation is housed in the most advanced and efficient bath enclosure production facility in the world. The 250,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility employs over 200 professionals making it the largest shower door manufacturing facility in the USA.
 cranial tech final Plagiocephaly is a common, treatable condition where the shape of a baby’s head is slightly deformed coming out of the birth canal. Cranial Technologies is the number one company in the world with over over 25 years’ experience helping babies with this condition.  Children wear head gear for a time to help heal this and the ducks we created were made to help them feel good about themselves.  This is one of the most rewarding projects we ever worked on. You can read more at www.CranialTech.com
sonoma duck small A client came to us who lives in the heart of the Northern California wine country to create a Sonoma Wine duck with a beautiful wine themed gift box.  Needless to say it has been very popular!
No, it’s not Dr. Phil.  The Hennessey Funds is a very successful financial advisor group in California who has a CEO with a great sense of humor. Every year he creates himself as a new art piece for all his clients worldwide. This year he chose this fabulous detailed CelebriDuck!
 frangipani small Neuroblastoma is the most common solid tumor of childhood. It is almost exclusively a childhood cancer occurring most commonly between the ages of 0-5 years. It is a rare disease with about 40 children diagnosed with neuroblastoma each year in Australia. There is a chance of 1 in 100 000 of a child having this illness.  The non-profit organization dealing with this in Australia came to us to create a duck for their fundraising.  You can read more at: http://neuroblastoma.org.au
 super duck small Duckies Shop of Fun in Florida is all about the ducks!  In fact Super Duck is part of their logo.  They asked us to created a custom duck for the store celebrating their cool brand!  You can view the store at: http://shopduckies.com.
 union college small When The N.J. Devils won the Stanley Cup, their goalie, Martin Brodeur was at the podium on national TV with his lucky Martin Brodeur CelebriDuck that we did of him. So when Union College came to us to create a Union College duck, I told them this story.  And as we were working on it, it turns out they won the NCAA national division 1 ice hockey championship!!
  The “not so” Grim Quacker.  Glows in the Dark! Tony Tribby wrote this very cool book called “Death is Good, Adventures of the not-so-grim Reaper.”  The book is just so witty and different and has a whole other take on death.  It’s a very fun, positive, and unique story and you can purchase him in our Duck Store in the Storybook and Literary section!
The glorious Seagate Hotel and Spa in Del Ray Beach, Florida had us create their Sailfish mascot for them. It’s amazing and floats beautifully which is our specialty! I can’t begin to describe how much work we put into Sammy here. You can buy one by visiting www.theseagatehotel.com.
The Texas Longhorn Entertainment Complex is a pretty special place in Louisiana that offers gaming, rodeos, entertainment, etc. We created this amazing steer for them in a beautiful western themed box. Want to get one? Visit their website at www.thetexaslonghorn.com.
SeaWorld asked us to create a Manta Ray for them that would float upright and look fabulous. Get a load of this guy. Who says a Manta can’t be cute!!
The Sherborn Dental Office in Massachusetts had us create Duck McBrush to go along with a new book they are publishing for children to inspire them to take care of their teeth.
The Hennepin Boat Company had us create this Towboat for them. Wow, was this a difficult project as you know that boat had to float great! So much detail also. You can even buy the first ever floating towboat at www.hennepinboatstore.com.
Unique Toy collectible. rubber ducks

We created a very far out duck which is the mascot of Fool’s Gold Records, a very cool record company. Also, click this link to see the larger version in concert!! The first link is Australia, and the second is LA.

We created a custom rubber duck for Zappos.com, the largest retailer of shoes on the internet. Zappos.com is just amazing and was voted by Time Magazine as “one of the 25 sites we can’t live without” and recognized in 2009 by Fortune Magazine as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For. “Keeping with one of their core values to “Create Fun and a Little Weirdness”, they chose CelebriDucks to create a custom rubber duckie to help celebrate employee birthdays.
We created a Sushi themed rubber duck for Kikkoman for our third promotion with them showcasing their new Teriyaki sauce.
This was our second successful rubber duck promotion for Kikkoman with the launch of their Ponzu sauce.

For our first promotion with Kikkoman, we created a baseball themed rubber duck that was given away at Kikkoman sponsored promotions at professional ball parks throughout the country.

We have created a baseball baseball themed promotional rubber duck for Kikkoman
Proudly presenting:The Water Club CelebriDuck rubber duckie designed exclusively for The Water Club. Would you expect anything less from a hotel with five pools? The Water Club is a Signature Hotel by Borgata- Atlantic City’s first boutique-lifestyle hotel combining elements of Borgata, while delivering a unique personality of its own…just like this great CelebriDuck! Of course all the Water Club rubber duckies are sold out at the moment!
We created a very special rubber duck of The Peabody Duckmaster for The Peabody Hotel. Here’s the history straight from Peabody Hotel’s, “The Legend of the Ducks.” How did the tradition of the ducks in The Peabody fountain begin? Back in 1933 Frank Schutt, General Manager of The Peabody, and a friend, Chip Barwick, returned from a weekend hunting trip to Arkansas. The men had a little too much Tennessee sippin’ whiskey, and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys (it was legal then for hunters to use live decoys) in the beautiful Peabody fountain. Three small English call ducks were selected as “guinea pigs,” and the reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic. Thus began a Peabody tradition which was to become internationally famous.The original ducks have long since gone, but after 75 years, the marble fountain in the hotel lobby is still graced with ducks. Today, the Mallards are raised by a local farmer and friend of the hotel. The ducks live in the hotel, coming down to the fountain every day from their penthouse suite until they are full grown and, on retirement from their Peabody duties, are returned to the wild. The Peabody ducks march through the lobby twice a day coming down on elevator led by the a guy dressed up a little like our duck called The Duckmaster at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.
We produced an Octopus for SeaWorld in a beautiful underwater gift box. They wanted us to create one that would float perfectly upright with distinctive painting on the body. This little baby was a big hit and people loved him. SeaWorld is one of the premier theme parks in the world so it was a pleasure for us to work with them to create this one-of -a kind collectible. We don’t just make rubber duckies as there is no animal or mascot that we cannot make into a floating collectible!
We created a set of rubber ducks for Malayasia’s top rock band, Bunkface. With numerous awards and top of the chart hits, the bands popularity has continued to soar as have the Bunkface CelebriDucks which quickly became some of the coolest and first ever pop art floating collectibles in Asia! You can purchase a set of these amazing little ruber duckies at http://www.broadwayacres.net/.
We created a Conan O’Brien CelebriDuck rubber duck for the launch of Conan’s new show on TBS. We flew in 2000 of Connan rubber duckies that were given out to audience members the day of his first show. We matched the look of the rubber duck to the Conan duck in their TV commercial and it has become a highly sought after collectible. We made the deadline in record time and it was so successful we brought in a shipment of more Conan rubber duckies for a follow-up promotion!
The Sugar Factory stores are quickly becoming a Las Vegas institution. Their world famous Couture Lollipops are coveted by celebrities and A-Listers alike. Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls, Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, and many more love the Signature Series Couture Lollipops! They have been written up in People Magazine, Us weekly, USA today, In Touch, OK Magazine, etc. and featured on ET, Extra, TMZ, E TV, and so many others. They had us create this very cute Sugar Factory Couture Pop rubber duckie which has been a big hit!
Circle Bank in Marin County, California had us create four fantastic limited edition collectible floating pigs for them. They were given out to people opening up new accounts. The gift boxes and the piggies look just amazing and float great. Here is our Peg E Banker!
Circle Bank also had us create this pretty lady called our Philanthropic Pig!
Our Circle Bank Eco Oinker was all about green and sustainability!
Here’s Circle Bank’s Super Saver. Circle Bank now has some of the most unique and whimsical bank collectibles on the market. Who says Banks can’t be fun!
The Tugboat is an American Icon. We were flattered when a real life tugboat captain contacted us to see if there was any way to create a cute little tugboat that actually floated upright! This was an engineering marvel for us, but after months of hard work, Cap’n Tuggie came to life! You can buy one at www.compasslocker.com.
CelebriDucks can manufacture any kind of product whatsoever in addition to their amazing rubber ducks. They created 200,000 Will Ferrell poufs for a promotion for Proctor and Gamble’s Old Spice division to tie in with Will Ferrell’s movie, Semi-Pro.
Some of our most popular custom CelebriDuck rubber ducks are available only on a very limited basis.
Allen Iverson Ben Wallace Boomer
Allen Iverson Rubber Duck                   Ben Wallace Rubber Duck Boomer Rubber Duck
for the Philadelphia 76ers sponsored by Reebok for the Detroit Pistons sponsored by Chevrolet for the San Diego Padres farm club
Bubbles the Cow Charles Barkely Cliff Robinson
Bubbles the Cow Rubber Duck Charles Barkely Rubber Duck Cliff Robinson Rubber Duck
for Cow’s Ice Cream for the Philadelphia 76ers sponsored by Subaru for the Detroit Pistons sponsored by Palace Locker Room
ESPN ran a poll on their website for the fan’s favorite stadium give-a-way. CelebriDucks rubber ducks won the poll beating out Bobbleheads, Beanie Babies, Pez Dispensers, Lunch Boxes, and Match Box Cars! Gorton’s Seafood, one of the oldest and largest frozen fish companies in the United States began a promotion for four months in supermarkets nationwide beginning February 2004 to promote their Gorton Fisherman CelebriDuck. It was the most successful promotion in their history and they sold out of all their rubber ducks.They are also did a follow-up campaign with a new Gorton Fisherman rubber duck on over one million packages. This brings countless people to our web site who discover our other custom rubber duckies and creates numerous PR opportunities to mention all the new CelebriDuck rubber ducks that we are working on.
Derek Jeter Doc Wilkenson Gorton's
Derek Jeter Rubber Duck Doc Wilkenson Rubber Duck Gorton’s Fisherman
for the Columbus Clippers                            for Wilkinson Hot Springs for Gorton’s Seafood
Horrace Grant Jason Giambi Jim Thome
Horace Grant Rubber Duck Jason Giambi Rubber Duck Jim Thorne Rubber Duck
for the Orlando Magic for the New York Yankees for the Cleveland Indians
Lisa Lampanelli We created a custom rubber duck for the Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli. You may know her from her many appearances on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show, Howard Stern, and many others. She’s also been part of the celebrity roasts of such people as Jeff Foxworthy and Pamela Anderson. These rubber ducks were available for sale on her website and personally autographed by Lisa until they all sold out!
Most rubber ducks have a hole in the bottom which allows water in so the rubber duckies never float correctly not to mention they are not sanitary. We seal up the bottom of every rubber duck. So many rubber duckies lean or float on their side. You can toss a Celebriduck rubber duck off a bridge and it will pop upright as it has been engineered to be one of the best floating rubber ducks available. With the recent concerns spotlighted by the media and environmental groups regarding questionable materials used in making vinyl’s, CelebriDucks has created it’s rubber duckies to meet all safety standards worldwide to produce what we feel is one of the safest and highest quality rubber ducks on the market.
Kenny Jonsson Kerry Toporowski Kevin Garnett
Kenny Jonsson Rubber Duck Kerry Topotowski Rubber Duck Kevin Garnett Rubber Duck
for the New York Islanders sponsored by for the Quad City Mallards for the Minnesota Timberwolves sponsored by US Bank
Our beautiful packaging adds a very elegant look to the whole presentation of our product and gives a sense of real value for the consumer. Our letter on the back of each container describes the collectibility of CelebriDucks rubber ducks which we can customize for each client. CelebriDucks are produced as limited editions which make them extremely popular as collectibles. New celebrities are always being added while others are quietly retired to the pond with graceful dignity. This ground floor collectible has the staying power to become one of the most unique collectibles in years and all our client’s CelebriDucks share in the prestige of being part of this line.
Kristian Huselius Michael Peca Mike Bellotti
Kristian Huselius Michael Peca Rubber Duck Mike Bellotti Rubber Duck
for the Florida Panthers sponsored by Office Depot and Sun Sentinel for the N.Y. Islanders Oregon Football Coach sponsored by the University of Oregon and Pepsi
Mike Keenan Moises Alou Mooche Nooris
Mike Keenan Rubber Duck Moises Alou Rubber Duck Mooche Nooris Rubber Duck
sponsored by Office Depot and Sun Sentinel for the Chicago Cubs sponsored by Gatorade for the Houston Rockets sponsored by SouthWest Airlines
Our rubber ducks have been sponsored by companies such as Reebok, Dr. Pepper, Gatorade, AOL/Time Warner, Southwest Airlines, Arby’s, Adidas, Mountain Dew, Chevrolet, Sprite, Dodge, Clarinex, Suburu, Pepsi, Office Depot, Toyota, Sierra Mist, and many others at promotional sporting events.
Northern Illinois - Huskies Pudge Rodriguez
Mugsy Rubber Duck Northern Illinois Huskies Rubber Duck Pudge Rodriguez Rubber Duck
for the Salem Avalanche sponsored by Valleydale for Northern Illinois University for the Texas Rangers sponsored by Clarinex
Raymund Philyaw Roberto Luongo Rusty Greer
Raymund Philyaw Roberto Luongo Rubber Duck Rusty Greer Rubber Ducky
for the Indianapolis Firebirds sponsored by Dr Pepper for the Florida Panthers sponsoredby Office Depot and Sun Sentinel for the Texas Rangers sponsored by Dodge
The amount of publicity which CelebriDucks rubber ducks receives is extraordinary and there are few if any promotional products that can get the publicity and exposure that our clients get with our rubber duckie. We have been on NBC, FOX, CBS Evening Magazine(three times!), CNN, Showtime, A&E, ESPN, TNT, VH1, and most other television networks, not to mention Sports Illustrated, U.S. News & World Report, ESPN The Magazine, N.Y. Times, USA Today, LA Times, Maxim, S.F. Chronicle, Chicago Sun Times, Playboy, Fortune Small Business, etc. We have been on The Tonight Show twice and voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly! The press only continues to build with more and more stories about our rubber duckies coming out about us both nationally and internationally. And we include each team or company we work with in all our ongoing PR. See our Media page for a glimpse at the coverage our rubber ducks receive.
Sean Casey Shane Battier Shawn Marion
Sean Casey Rubber Duck Shane Battier Rubber Duck Shawn Marion Rubber Duck
for the Cincinnati Reds sponsored by for the Memphis Grizzlies sponsoredby First Tennessee Bank for the Phoenix Suns sponsored by Sprite
What is unique with CelebriDuck rubber ducks is that the team or corporation is creating something which will get tremendous press exposure – both in their region and nationally. The press rarely covers the average promotion, but a CelebriDuck rubber duckie is much different as evidenced by the tremendous press sensation of our events. The media is still doing stories about our events even after it has finished while it is often picked up nationally on TV, radio, and in newspapers and magazines all over the country.
Sheryl Swopes Sparky Pig Splash
Sheryl Swopes Rubber Duck Sparky Pig Rubber Duck Splash
WNBA Houston Comets for New Pig Corporation for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans sponsored by
Steve Francis The Six Pack Tuffy
Steve Francis Rubber Duck The Six Pack – Kobe, Shaq, Lamar Odom, Andre Miller, Adam Dead marsh & Jason Allison Tuffy
for the Houston Rockets Sponsored by Team LA, Staples Center & LA Times for Ashland University sponsored by Ashland University
The whole idea of the rubber duck being artfully blended to also look like a celebrity is what makes a CelebriDuck rubber duck so special. It is far different than an ordinary little yellow rubber ducky with a logo imprinted on it. Due to our brand awareness and the quality, detail, and presentation which people associate with CelebriDuck rubber ducks, any other rubber duck would meet with the inevitable comparisons by the media and fans of a lesser promotional item versus a very stunning original being used by the top professional teams in the country.
US Marine Corp Yao Ming babe ruth
US Marine Corps Yao Ming Rubber Duck         Babe Ruth 
for the United States Marine Corps. for the Houston Rockets       for the New York Yankees
In addition to everything mentioned above, one of the most important and critical benefits of the CelebriDuck rubber ducks is that we always make our deadlines! The turn-around time to produce the quality product we did for a number of our events was quite short. We understand that to miss a promotional deadline by so much as one day would be both an embarrassment and major disaster. Thus, we can be counted on to never miss a deadline with our rubber ducks and to never compromise on quality to make that deadline. There is no monetary value for this kind of guarantee – it is priceless! Our manufacturing capability and quality control are excellent. Often in a shipment of promotional give-a-way items or any items for mass market from overseas, many of the items are defective with bad painting and bad quality. It is a lot of rushed work put out the door at an inexpensive price. With CelebriDuck rubber ducks, it is just the opposite. Most every Celebriduck rubber duck is a work of art in pristine condition. We spare no expense in production and have a system of checks and balances and quality control that is very effective to ensure that no fan or customer will ever go away disappointed.
Cheese Quacker is now available exclusively at: www.cheesequacker.com                                Amanda Lepore
Quilting Ducky is now available exclusively at: www.jodieandcompany.com
We are reproducing famous people and companies who have spent their lives cultivating their image and their brand. They want to be represented in the most flattering way to truly honor their accomplishments. They see their peers being honored by being part of the CelebriDuck rubber duck line and they can be assured that they, too, are in the best of company. Our clients rest easy knowing that the person we have created a likeness of will have the highest quality reproduction available, something which is greatly appreciated by both the celebrity as well as their fans.