Authority Magazine CelebriDucks Interview

Authority Magazine and Thrive Global posted an interview I did with them which I think people will enjoy.  I love these magazine as they interview some very cool people from Shaq, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavek to Payton Manning, Jewel, and Alicia Silverstone.  Everyone knows that this is definitely a stressful time, but we will get through it.  One of the keys to us all healing and moving through this is going to be our capacity to have tolerance and compassion for others who might not have our same point of views on certain issues.  That’s fine. It’s called diversity and it is what has made this country great. 

Authority Magazine:

Thrive Global:

It’s also what has made our duck line so special.  We always felt that what allowed CelebriDucks to really become some of the finest and most unique rubber ducks in the world was when we created a really diverse line of ducks that covered all different genders, political points of view, race, etc……something for everyone to enjoy.  If our line of celebrity ducks can all float together in peace and harmony in the tub so can we humans!  

I am especially excited about the way our new Made in America PVC and Latex Free Good Duck line has really taken off.  It’s time we started making rubber duck back in America once again where the industry began.  And I know once new moms find out about how these ducks are considered the safest rubber ducks on the market for teething babies, we are going to be able to even create more jobs!   I hope you enjoy the interview.



Craig Wolfe
Cocoa Canard