Newsletter Updates


I hope that you are having a great Summer. Things here contine to explode with a lot of inventory getting a bit low, but we also have a new shipment arriivng in August with our sold out Tail-rrr – Splahs It Off, On the Pond Again, Peckin’ 9-5, Ziggy StarDuck,, Blue Suede, Paddle Like It’s 1999, The Material Bird, Born to Sun, Dorothy of Oz, and our amazing new Tubs Gone Wild line of floating characters in clawfoot tubs!

Then September/October, we’ll get in our sold out Squawk This Way, Give Geese A Chance, and the return of our One Pond along with getting in more of the styles that are getting low. Also in this shipment will be our new Beak-On-Say Cowgirl Quacker!

The Tubs Gone Wild line is absolutely amazing with world class sculpting and they are so gorgeous that you can see them in any home no matter how upscale. Best bathroom and pool accessory ever! Just go and you can see more pics of all four of them.

I look forward to hearing from you so please always feel free to write or call any time.

Craig Wolfe


Happy Easter! I thought I would write a quick update about our new container which recently arrived. First, I am sorry that it’s taken a bit of time getting shipments out. We had a tremendous number of orders for all our stores plus our custom work and we are doing our best to get them all shipped as quickly as we can.

When we are not dealing with container arrivals, we are usually able to ship out within 2-3 days. When the container comes in with thousands of ducks to ship, it can take us a few weeks. For those who order on Faire, it can be a little confusing as Faire asks us to put in dates when things will ship. We honestly do not know that answer, so you will often see us putting in later dates that are quite a ways out even though we definitely do expect to ship sooner. If Faire is billing you, you are still going to get net 30 from when it actually ships, not when the order is put in. And you are always welcome to write or call as many of you have if there are questions or an important date when you need them and we can try and move things around for you.

So as you might remember, on the last container a few months ago, we got in 2000 Tail-rrr and they all sold out in a few days. Then we just got in 2000 more and once again they sold right out. If you had them on your order, you are good, and when it ships, your Tail-rr will be on there! We are already making 3000 more for our late Spring/early Summer container!

Seeing how things seem to get low so quickly, I am also bringing in extra of our many of our top sellers in this Spring/Summer container to hopefully get a little better with things going out of stock too quickly. However, that being said, we have a lot of styles and a container can only hold so many so it will never really be prefect. 

In terms of our current inventory including what just came in, some things are getting low, but always feel free to call or write any time if you want an update or want to know how to access our live inventory. The new Pond Jovial, ZZ Flock, Ducka Leepa, Steamboat Ducky, Ducky Style, etc., etc. are all doing great and look absolutely amazing. We are thrilled with how much people are loving them.

Many folks keep asking for our to bring back Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, so I am also bringing her back on this next shipment. We will also bring in a small number of Born to Sun and The Material Bird. We are really excited about this next shipment as it will have all our floating clawfoot tubs with our Spa Squatch, E.T. Foam Home, Tub Rex, and our Magical Mystery Tub Unicorn. We’ll have more pictures to show you in future newsletters

So that’s a little update. I really mean it when I say, if you have any questions or concerns, just pick up the phone or send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to help you asap!

Craig Wolfe


I hope the new year is starting out well for you.  It started with a bang for us here.  We did finally get in our big shipment. Tail-rrr sold out in about a day and The “Donald” and Tasting Away Again in Margarita-bill likewise.  The new Steamboat Ducky, Patos Sun Tana, and ZZ Flock are all doing very well.

We just shipped a new container last week and it should be arriving mid-March which will have more Tail-rrr, The “Donald”, and Tasting Away, along with Harry Ponder, Blue Suede, Bohemian Quacksody, Sargent Peepers, Quackodile Flock, Duckin, On the Pond Again, Ziggy StarDuck, Pond Bombshell, Jumpin’ Quack Splash (new name for The Floating Stones), Captain Quack Mallard, Aviary Grande, Say Hello to my Lil’ Friend, Paddle like it’s 1999, and our two new ones, Pond Jovial Swimmin’ on a Prayer, and our Ducka Leepa or as we call it, Incubating with Da Eggy.

Now with issues in the Red Sea and all and congestion at the ports, who knows what can still happen, but our ETA for now is still mid-March. Fortunately, we still have inventory of many other styles, though by the time the container arrives, we could be out of some of those.

As I always tell folks who wonder why we don’t just bring in more ducks of each style, we only have so much room in these containers and we get the biggest ones available.  But with so many styles, we can only make so many of each one to get them all in there in addition to all our custom work which is a big part of what we do here.

As I write this, we just found 24 of our Material Bird and 120 of our Give Geese a Chance in the warehouse!  I do not know when Give Geese or the Material Bird will return, so you might want to grab some of those.  That has to be one of my favorite boxes with the whole Abbey Road theme of the ducks walking across the street.

We also have a brand new line we are introducing this Spring which we cannot wait to show people.  It’s a collection of four different characters in floating clawfoot tubs: a Bigfoot, an Alien, a Unicorn, and a T-Rex.  I don’t think you’ve ever seen anything like it on the market and they look fabulous.

We have very whimsical names for each one written on the tub itself plus there is a funny saying on each of the objects the characters are holding. Wait till you see them. The name of the line is Tubs Gone Wild with the subheading, “Take a bath on the wild side!”  The gift boxes are amazingly cute and we expect it to be a big hit.  And yes, there is a yellow duck in every tub! Everyone who has seen them so far is very much looking forward to their release.

I always love how much people are enjoying our products and enjoy speaking to everyone on the phone or via e-mail.  So always feel free to call or write any time.

Craig Wolfe


Happy New Year!!  Our new ducks have arrived!  We are unloading and beginning to ship, but please be patient as we have thousands to get out.  So all those cool new ones like Tail-rrr, Ducky Style, Patos Sun Tana, ZZ Flock, and Beak Loaf are finally here.  Amazingly, even though I thought I made enough, it seems Tail-rrr will sell out before too long.  I already asked our factory to start making more.

Also on this shipment is our amazing Steamboat Duckie.  Being that the copyright for Steamboat Willie has expired, we produced this limited small edition product while also making clear there is no association with Disney.  We don’t even use the word Disney or Mickey Mouse on the product.  They will only last so long and should be a big hit.

We also got in our Tasting Away in Margarita-Bill, but that sold out even before they got here.  If you had an order in previously for this one, it will be fine and ship shortly. We also got in some more of “The Donald” ducks, but again with advance orders, they are getting very low.  I am in the process of making a lot more to arrive this Winter.  And  we also got in more of our top sellling Peckin’ 9-5 CelebriDucks.  Our popular UniQuack is down to just aournd 30 or so and then probably retired as we are working on a brand new version of a Unicorn in a clawfoot tub that we will unveil before too long.

Our PVC free Good Ducks are considered by many the safest rubber ducks in the world for teething babies and they are the last rubber ducks being made in America.  Once people know their story, this is the first duck they are buying for their newborn!  We made them in yellow, pink, and blue, but pink just sold out and blue is down to less than 200.  I don’t know if and when those colors will return, but we brought in a good supply of yellow so that should be good for a while.

Many of our sold out ducks are due back in this Winter along with our new Pond Jovial Swimmin’ on a Prayer, and our Dua leapin’out of the tub with Da Eggy.  We’ll get out an update as we get closer to their arrival.  I wish you all the best for the new year and always feel free to write or call any time.

Craig Wolfe


I hope you are having a nice Fall like we are experiencing  here…..just watching the leaves change and looking out on the water while seeing the ducks very happy.   As you might recall, we have a new container filled up with a lot of our new styles such as Tail-rrr, Ducky Style, Patos Sun Tana, Beak Loaf and ZZ Flock, all which look great.  We’ll also have the return of Peckin 9-5, The Donald, and Tasting Away in Margarita-Bill in this container.  There is also one special surprise item on this shipment that I will show folks before the container arrives as we did a special Steamboat Duckie that is pretty amazing. As much as I would have loved for this to arrive before Christmas, as is often the case with our workload of so many incredibly detailed rubber ducks, plus all our custom work, though they will hit the US in December before the holidays, they won’t actually make it to the warehouse until the beginning of January.  I’ll send an update when they are available as I also know many people like to order in advance which is fine.Fortunately we still do have inventory on many of our other styles, although a few are getting quite low, so if you need anything you might want to have a look should you wish to order for the holidays.  We even found the last 48 of our popular Uniquacks that you can grab now!  I do have another container coming in this Winter with new ones such as Pond Jovial “Swimmin’ On A Prayer” and many returning styles of sold out ones such as Blue Suede, Paddle like it’s 1999, Harry Ponder, Jumpin’ Quack Splash, Ziggy Starduck, etc….So there’s our little update.  As always, write or call any time if you need anything and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Greetings from our duck world!  I am happy to say that we have a new container just about here due to arrive around mid-September. Then we have another container arriving in November if all goes well.  The one in September will have a lot of sold out ones plus the new Joliet Drake and our Wing of Fire affectionately known as a Toy Name Sue.  This shipment will also have more Blue Suede, the return of our beloved Birdo Marsh, the Godfeather, Bohemian Quacksody, Duckin, The Duckinator, The Wicked Witch of Oz, Jurassic Quack, Born to Sun, and Purple Waves.  We don’t have huge quantities on any of them so they will all eventually sell out, some sooner than others.

This shipment also has on it Harry Ponder, Peckin 9-5, Captain Quack Mallard, The Floating Stones, The Donald, and Paddle like it’s 1999,  but they pretty much sold out before the boat even landed.  But we are re-making them and expect to have The Donald and Peckin 9-5 back in this November and the other styles this Winter . In that Winter container, I also hope to have Incubating with Da Eggy and Pond Jovial, Swimmin’ on a Prayer.

On the November container, we will have our fantastic Steamboat Ducky which we will tell you more about as we get closer.  It will also have some styles that we have really been looking forward to getting here which should do great such as Patos Sun Tana, ZZ Flock, Ducky Style, Tail-rr – Splash It Off, and Say Hello To my Lil’ Friend.

And of course in the midst of this we have a tremendous number of custom jobs for people everywhere that we’ll continue to post on our Facebook page….some amazing things!

As always, call or write me any time with any questions.  Yes, we answer the phone, return calls, and actually enjoy speaking to our friends.  Have a wonderful Fall…


Greetings from the land of ducks. I hope you are having a nice Summer and things are well.  I wanted to update you as to what is happening in our world.  I was hoping to have our new container get here before the end of August, but it won’t actually arrive till around mid-September. earliest.  Very sorry for the delay, but it will be so worth it….we cannot wait!!

We will get in many sold out ducks plus new ones retuning such as Harry Ponder, Duckin, The Donald, Blue Suede Duck, Say Hello to my lil’ Friend, Bohemian Quacksody, Birdo Marsh, Wing of Fire (Toy Named Sue), Purple Waves, The Duckinator, The Godfeather, Peckin’ 9-5, The Wicked Witch of Oz, Captain Quack Mallard, Jurassic Quack, Paddle like it’s 1999, Joliet Drake, and The Floating Stones.

Then I am hoping to get in one more container before the holidays with ZZ Flock, Patos Sun Tana, Tail-rrr-Splash it Off, Ducky Style, Beak Loaf- Bath out of Hell, Born to Sun and our Steamboat Duckie which will be in the container, but only available to ship January lst. More on that later!

I am thinking that our new Pond Jovial – Swimmin’ on a Prayer and our Incubating with Da Eggy will be here early Winter.  Our wholesale prices had a slight increase of .25 after a long time, and I hope this will hold for a while.

Our custom work continues to explode with new work coming in non-stop, and our retail line keeps selling out so even with the biggest shipping containers we can find, we cannot make or ship fast enough to keep up.  I’m hoping a bit of the backlog will be better going into 2024, but we’ll see.  Unfortunately, I think when the new containers get here, we will already be sold out of some of the ones that are currently in stock….and so it goes.

I hope you keep cool in these hot Summer days and look forward to hearing from you.


Hi again.  I don’t think I’ve ever written so soon after I had just sent out a newsletter, but thought best to update folks with more news.  So yes, our new shipment actually arrived and we are getting orders out this week.  Unfortunately, we sold out of The Donald before we even unloaded the container….that was a first.  But we were able to fulflll a good amount of the orders for him. And many other styles are already getting a quite low.  So just giving everyone a head’s up.

We also got in:  Bohemian Quacksody, Blue Suede, On the Pond Again, Material Bird, Say Hello to my lil’ Friend, One Pond, The Material Bird, Paddle Like it’s 1999, Harry Ponder, Goosebusters, Quackodile Flock, The Love Float, Limited Edition Tropical Squawk, Duckin’, Spa Wars, Breaking Bath, Peckin 9-5, The Godfeather, Ziggy StarDuck, and Sargent Peepers.

I am still hoping to get The Wing of Fire, Birdo Marsh, The Duckinator, Captain Quack Mallard, Purple Waves, The Wicked Witch, Joliet Drake, and some others plus more of The Donald  here June/July.

And then we have Patos Sun Tana, Beak Loaf, Bath Out of Hell, and ZZ Flock hopefully coming in this Summer.  I am also pushing to get Ducky Style – Watermelon Waddle, and our Tail-rrr, Splash it Off here for the holidays if at all possible. The interest in these are, as you can imagine, really really high!
Maybe we have too many ducks now in the line and need to slow down?  We keep selling out and are really having trouble supplying everyone  as our line keeps expanding, we are getting more and more customers, and our custom work for companies all over the world also keeps growing. But as I always say, glad people love the ducks!

I wish you all the best and if you have any questions or comments, please call or write any time.


Happy New Year from  CelebriDucks where we are getting a LOT of rain here in California along with some flooding.  I look out on the lake and the ducks are loving it!  As is the case these days, we keep selling out of things at a brisk rate and it is still taking more time that we would like to get them back in stock and get our new ones here.  We still have many good ones, but a number of those are also getting low.

We are about to ship our new container filled to the brim with ducks which will have our new Tropical Squawk and Love Float along with many returning styles such as:  Goosebusters, Harry Ponder, Spa Wars, Duckin, On the Pond Again, Pond Bombshell, The Donald, Sargent Peepers, Quackodile Flock, Blue Suede Duck, One Pond, Material Bird, Say Hello to my lil’ Friend, The Godfeather, Bohemian Quacksody, Ziggy Starduck, and Peckin’ 9-5.

Also, for all your Jeep fans, our Duckin Jeeper parody will be in on there which you can order from our client Michelle at

Then in June/July, we’ll get Joliet Drake of The Cruise Brothers, and our Wing of Fire (a Toy named Sue) plus the return of The Wicked Witch, Birdo Marsh, The Duckinator, Purple Waves, The Floating Stones, Born to Sun, and Jurassic Quack.  And for all your Fanilows out there, our Barry Manilow CelebriDucks that we creating just for Barry and his fans will be available on their website and at his shows.  We are also working on our Beakloaf, Bath out of Hell, and a few other surprises that I won’t mention quite yet.

I actually thought this upcoming container would be here January, but as our Give Geese a Chance duck says, “life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans!”  Our factory is just buried with all our work and there was no boat coming to the West Coast which is a shorter ship to our warehouse in Akron by boat and train.  Thus we had to go through New York and this takes longer.  “Serenity Now!” I just do my best to roll with it as there is so much out of my control these days.

All this makes me think, as we keep experiencing all this growth and expansion, that I truly hope someone calls me one day to make an offer to take over the reigns here.  I definitely feel the need to train the next generation and pass the baton, and trusting that at the right time, that special someone or company will appear.  I deeply love this business and we have so much fun with it, but I am also working on music and book projects and hey, there is only so much time…..

We are also looking to find more artists to help us keep up.  It’s a very specific skill to sculpt rubber ducks and make sure they float and mold correctly and they must have the artistic talent to blend the duck with the celebrity.  I am excited about some of the people we are speaking with and invite anyone to contact us if this is their skill set and interest.  You would be working with our resident master artist who overseas the creation of our line.

For now, we are holding our wholesale pricing to stores, but it could go up .25 when the new shipment comes in, nothing major, but not quite sure what we’ll do at this time.  I know many stores have advance orders they already sent us to ship when the new container arrives, but do feel free in early March to contact us to update your order if necessary.

Europe continues to expand with us shipping more containers over there and now we have folks representing us in Taiwan which is great.  It was easier to ship to Taiwan out of our current container coming to the US which did lessen even more the amount of ducks that are arriving here, but we should be ok for a little while….I hope!

Our custom work for companies continue to grow and we are now doing three variations of the Peanut’s Woodstock for the Knott’s theme parks plus Deluth Trading is having us create their angry beaver (from their TV commercials) for retail.  And we continue to do work for celebrities and companies worldwide on all kinds of different projects.

If you or someone you know owns a store, we invite you to order our line on Faire.  Just go to and you will not only get $100 off, but you will also get a year of free shipping and 60 days billing.  What’s not to like!

I’ll get out another newsletter once the ship arrives to keep you updated.  And as always, any questions or comments, write or call any time.


Hi. I hope you had a nice Summer and I can tell you here in California, it has been a hot one.  I wanted to give a little update on what’s happening here.  We have been busier than ever as more and more people seem to be finding out about us.  We got in our last container not that long ago and already some of those items are sold out!  The good news is that many of these sold out ones and new ones are hopefully going to be here later this Fall.

Bohemian Quacksody, The Donald, Tropical Squawk, The Love Float (previously called I Love Ducky), Duckin, Blue Suede Duck, Pond Bombshell, Material Bird, Say Hello to my Lil’ Friend, The Godfeather, Birdo Marsh, Quackodile Flock, and On the Pond Again are due back in on that shipment  Unfortunately, before that container even gets here we will be sold out of even more ducks.

The Devil Duck and 101 Duckmations are close to being sold out and no idea when and if they will return as we just keep adding new ones.  Gene Simmons is also sold out now and not sure he will return.  Gene loves the ducks and KISS even gave them out as Christmas gifst one year.  They have been on his show Family Jewels many times.

The Wicked Witch, Peckin ‘ 9-5 (a big hit!), Breaking Bath, Spa Wars, Duckinator, Floating Dead, One Pond, Goosebusters, Sargent Peepers, are all getting very low.  I do have more Breaking Bath, Spa Wars, Goosebusters, Sargent Peepers, Peckin’ 9-5, and One Pond on the upcoming container.

Many people wonder why we don’t just make more of each style, but part of the problem is that even though we get the biggest containers available, we need so many different ducks that we can’t fill the container with too many of any one style.  And since we have non-stop custom work for customers all over the world, we also need to get those jobs in there, too.

Our factory is working non-stop, but it’s really hard to keep up with this volume. We also need to send containers to our European and Canadian distributors which adds to the production backlog.  Unfortunately there are still issues overseas with labor, Covid, and supply chain problems.  We try to do our best and I am very grateful that people love our products so much and that we keep growing.  I just wish we could keep up better with our production needs.

Our custom jobs are a lot of fun. We’re Fanilows here so we were thrilled that Barry Manilow asked us to create a CelebriDuck of him for his fans!  We are also doing three new jobs for Knotts Berry Farm for their Boysenberry Festival this Spring and  new Woodstock collectibles for their Halloween and Christmas events next year.  Plus we have many other customers we are presently doing custom work for.

Silas Firth and his production company Standing Tid Productions created this beautiful little fifteen minute film which featured our Made in America SAM duck.  It was the winner of Best Production Design at the 2017 Attic Film Festival and also the winner of The Audience Choice Award at the 2017 Clean Shorts Film Festival. I think you will really enjoy it.  You can watch it by clicking on this link below:

We also continue to create new styles for our own line. I cannot wait for our Wing of Fire or as we say here, a Toy Named Sue, to arrive this Spring along with Joliet Drake of The Cruise Brothers. You would be amazed at  how many people are waiting for the Duck in Black to get here!!  Folks are also really excited about our Tropical Squawk which is in the upcoming container.  And we are working on artwork for Beakloaf, Bath out of Hell and  Patos Sun-Tan-A, Quack Mallard Woman to see how that looks. Please let me know what you think of these two potential ducks.

As always, write or call any time….always love hearing from everyone.