CelebriDucks Rubber Ducks

Rubber Duck and Custom Characters. Creators of the first ever collectible celebrity rubber ducks of the greatest icons of film, music & sports.


CelebriDucks Rubber Duck Characters - copy

Our Costume Quackers are all dressed up with
SOMEwhere to go:

Your bathtub!

CelebriDucks Rubber Duck Characters - copy

CelebriDucks Rubber Duck Characters - copy - copy

CelebriDucks Rubber Duck Characters - copy - copy

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PVC Free - 100% Made in America!

Full 3

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Rubber Duck Store
Voted One of The Top 100 Gifts by Entertainment Weekly! The Place to Buy The World’s Finest Rubber Duck

Custom Rubber Ducks
Designing Custom Rubber Ducks for Some of The Most Prestigious Fortune 500 Companies And Professional Sports Teams Worldwide.

The Good Duck
PVC, Phthalate, & BPA Free * Medical & Food Grade * 100% Made In The USA * Safe For Teething * Soft * Floats Upright * Completely Sealed * Recyclable

Cocoa Canard Hot Chocolate Gift Set
Cocoa Canard Spooning Hot Chocolate
Spooning Chocolate, the luxurious dairy free and gluten free Espresso of Hot Chocolate treat!

CelebriVent Rubber Duck Races
Creating The Most Unique, Fun, And Innovative Rubber Duck Races to Raise Funds And Awareness For Your Organization!

Rubber Duckies in the Media
A Selection of Hundreds of Media Outlets “Quacking” About Our Rubber Ducky Creations And an Interview With CelebriDucks’ Founder.