Why finding your niche is key to side hustle success

More and more people today are deciding to create their own business and find a way to create something new and original in the marketplace that can find an audience.  This is often what is known as Niche Marketing which has been at the heart of all my business endeavors.  I always tell people that that you can not be all things to all people or you become nothing to anyone.  In business, to be successful, you really have to stand for something.  Find that niche of people who feel likewise and you will have a successful business.  I was recently asked to write a brief article on niche marketing and below is the link to read more it.  I truly hope that anyone starting a new venture will find it useful. 

I started two successful businesses and became the top in both of these niches. Finding niches is kind of what I do. The key is to look for an area that is either something no-one is thinking about, or an area that is not being fully served…something that you can bring value to do and enhance the whole category by doing so.

Ideally, it should also be something you love as when you get into niche marketing, you have to move like a ninja warrior…very fast, very focused, and have great energy. This is much easier and possible when its an area you have a great passion for. Niche marketing is most successful when you are moving with your passions and interests and not just looking for something that will make a lot of money.

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