Sci-Fi Rubber Duck Collectibles

One thing you can always count on is that there is a huge amount of interest in Sci-Fi! Thus it is no surprise that our Spa Wars and Mister Squawk are two of our best selling ducks. We were sending out press releases the other day, and this very cool website, did a beautiful presentation of our story. It really looked so nice and people seemed to really enjoy it.

We are always being asked to add more Sci-Fi characters and no doubt we will. But there is no way to tell who will be next. It’s a most unusual time and things are taking a lot longer these days. But that does not mean we are not adding new ones. We are! Next up….Squawk This Way. Maybe you can guess the look of it, but in a few weeks, we’ll do a post to show you!

“our celebrity line has been a huge hit for us everywhere with such cool classics as The Duckinator, Paddle Like It’s 1999, GooseBusters, Harry Ponder, The Floating Stones, etc.. People love Sci-fi and our Mister Squawk and Spa Wars have become instant hits in countries around the world. We have an ever expanding fan base who collect these ducks and their very fun gift boxes.” Read more