Rubber Duck Races

How about a Rubber Duck Race with rubber ducks that are actually Made in America where the rubber duck was originally invented!! This is something we can offer with our new US factories. Please click on the Made in America link above to learn more.  Why not host a CelebriVents™ CelebriDuck Rubber Duck Race like our FlamingoFest,™ Green Regatta,™ or Penguin Palooza™?  Or, imagine a whole flock of floating Celebrity Ducks racing down the river!!  The PR value is amazing.

We offer so many different ways to create attention and raise money for your group with a wide variety of  options for Rubber Duck Races at all various price points. We really want to help you with your specific Rubber Duck Race to make it very special!

You can sell CelebriDucks, our unique collectible rubber ducks, to raise funds or host a CelebriDuck Rubber Duck Race. Each CelebriDuck comes in a beautiful custom gift box that can be used for display. With so many fun rubber ducks to choose from there is a CelebriDuck for everybody. Your customers will want to buy CelebriDucks for themselves and to give as gifts at the event. So you can make money both selling ducks and also by raising money with a CelebriDuck Rubber Duck Race. We get as much or more free PR than almost any other promotional item and can thus help promote your Rubber Duck Race too!

Fundraiser? More like FUN-RAISER!!