I just read this article below….personally, I would rather see more humans have jobs….especially in America where people need them!
Robots Don’t Commit Suicide (and Other Robot Advantages) Robots don’t eat, drink, demand coffee breaks…, or protest working conditions. And they certainly don’t commit suicide. Following a wave of suicides in China, one at Foxconn where a worker twice attempted to kill himself and succeeded the second time, Foxconn suspended hiring, deciding to use more robots. In fact, the recruitment freezes among Foxconn this time is due to its long pronounced plans to install a million robots to replace human workers. In June 2011, Gou announced the company would deploy one million robots across factory assembly lines within three years. The move will improve production efficiency and combat rising labor costs, and is also believed to be in response to a spate of suicides and criticism over working conditions at the company. Get rid of a million workers, replace them with a million robots, and you get rid of a million complaints about working conditions, as well as unwanted, high-profile, work-related suicides.