Truly a real blast from the past

Back in the day, we had so many amazing collectible magazines and I pretty much worked with all of them.  I had my animation publishing company doing all these very cool Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Bush, Hershey, California Raisin, Gumby, etc., collectibles, and then of course our CelebriDucks.  The magazines were just fantastic for collectors and these would always bring back fond memories for people of their favorite film, music, and television icons. 

Then sadly, over the years, one by one they started disappearing.  There are hardly any left.  But lo and behold, a few months ago, when we got our daily newspaper’s Sunday edition, there inside was ReMind Magazine.  I had not previously been aware of this gem. They had these fabulous articles on all these pop icons from our culture throughout the years.  The stories were so good and they had amazing pics to go with it.  It really brought back a lot of wonderful memories.  I was so happy to read that particular issue on collecting that I wrote them a letter which they reprinted.  The editor is just wonderful.  

I highly recommend people check this magazine out….truly a real blast from the past and a lot of happy memories in what is proving to be a very trying time.  These are the kinds of whimsical and happy cultural icons that always help to remind us of the creative and fun times of our childhood.  You can check them out: