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Grit, The Most Overlooked Ingredient of Success: “It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much you keep”

I built my whole company outsourcing to people all over the world who could bring the skill sets we were looking for without having live in the same area where I was.  It has worked amazingly well allowing us to become the top rubber duck manufacturer in the world and even able to bring part of the industry back to America.  CelebriDucks is only as good as the people we work with.  I always say to any entrepreneur, if you have a skill set and a passion for what you do, never give up hope that there are people out there who would love to work with you who knowing that their company would only be enhanced with your creativity.

– Craig Wolfe

Interview series about “Grit, The Primary Ingredient For Success” published in Thrive Global, Buzzfeed, Authority Magazine, as well as in Forbes and CW TV.

Authority Magazine and Thrive Global did an interview with me the other day. I really enjoyed doing it. I like it when media outlets are looking for real life stories of what kinds of struggles and ordeals people have gone through in creating their companies. I never expected to do the things I did to make a living. None of it was on my radar. Truly as John Lennon said, “life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I didn’t get into business to get rich nor to work just to survive. It was always about trying to find something that would allow me to do what I felt inspired by and somehow in the midst of it all trying to do a little good in the world.

Now, many years later, I think more and more about the future and how to use all the brand equity we have built, and continue to build, as a means to not just expanding the company, but as a way to embark on projects that are near and dear to my heart. It has not always been an easy ride and it certainly has often been a lot more stressful than I would have ever imagined. But in the end, I am very grateful for what my little baby has become and hope in some small way it can inspire entrepreneurs of any industry and of any size to go out there and make a difference, not just in their industry, but in someone’s life altogether.

If I could inspire a movement, it would be one that is based on two words…….unbridled love and compassion. No-one has the right to demonize anyone for the sake of promoting their own point of view. We have to learn as a world culture to understand that violence is never appropriate and in the end, love is still the strongest force in the universe for doing good. It’s never a matter of converting people to your view so you feel better. It’s a matter of loving them no matter where they are at or who they are. It’s probably the hardest discipline you can ever undertake in your life….but it will transform others….and most of all you. read more

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