Musician rubber ducks

Our Costume Quacker line has been so much fun for us.  Recently, one of my new Facebook friends, Zany Madcap, sent me this very fun video he did.  Apparently he got our Paddle like it’s 1999 duck and thought he would have some fun with it.  So he made a little short video clip with some cool sounds and titled it, “This is what it sounds like when ducks cry.”  He sent it to me and we all had a good laugh here. 

He also mentioned that it had quickly gotten like 14,000 views on Facebook!   That would be a record for one of my posts!  It seems people are really enjoying our “paddle post.”  I can still remember when we added this particular duck to the line….come on, a duck dressed up in purple with a ruffled shirt and shades……how cool would that little duck be.  And it turns out, it has been quite a big hit with folks. I like it when people send us pictures or videos of our ducks in all kinds of venues from a Pink concert to sitting in Egypt at the pyramids.  You would not believe where our ducks have been.   And they also end up in the hands of many famous people who absolutely love them. So enjoy and remember………“Paddle like it’s 1999!”