Wholesale Rubber Ducks Custom

One thing I love about CelebriDucks is how many amazing companies in such diverse industries that I get to work with that I had no idea existed.   The other day,  I noticed a company ordering a large number of ducks on the website and wrote to them.  It turned out the company, Dyno Nobel was the global leader in the commercial explosives industry with almost 4000 employees, including some of the most highly trained blasters in the industry……Ba-bam!! 

I was amazed to discover that they actually had 32 manufacturing facilities on three continents (including state-of-the-art initiation systems facilities in the United States, Australia and Mexico).  What was super cool was that they were using the ducks for a special fundraiser to raise money for a non-profit.   I sent them a picture of a custom duck I recently designed for a company that sells equipment and clothing for people who defuse bombs.  Of course they loved it and now we are talking about possibly designing a duck for them for their trade shows.  Who knew!



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