Two New Ducks Join The Flock


What everyone has been waiting for. Our new Elvis Presley gold lame CelebriDucks have just arrived along with the Glow in the Dark Scream which we brought back by popular demand. 

Glow in the Dark Scream One of the biggest questions we get asked is if we will be adding Michael Jackson to our line. Actually, we have been working with his licensing people in Germany the last few weeks and have an initial contract.  If we can work out the details, we plan to add him this September. 

The first one we do will be in the Thriller outfit. I will keep you posted. 


A few weeks ago, I was watching Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels and Gene was in Memphis at the famous Peabody Hotel where they have real ducks living in the penthouse who come down every day on the elevator to be led by the Duckmaster across the carpet.  It’s really Gene Simmon's Famiily Jewels quite something to see and the video is posted on the CelebriDuck BLOG.

On this episode, Gene was the honorary Duckmaster and he like all others receive an actual Duckmaster CelebriDuck as part of the ceremony. 

Gene carried it and brought it outside with him which was really nice.  As you know Gene in his KISS attire is part of our line and one of our favorite rubber duck creations.

The Teen Choice Awards are being held poolside this year and they asked for our ducks to be given out and put in the pool.  So that should be a lot of fun!  Also, The Detroit Free Press did a story about our Obama duck which led to a lot of new people finding out about us there while featured us on their web site of cool new gifts.

CelebriDucks - Rubber Duck Collectibles Media


A web site called the Entrepreneurial Bible ( has been doing a series which included interesting tidbits of how we built up our company over the years.

Another interview with the web TV show where they discussed the uniqueness of developing a whole new collectible such as CelebriDucks.

Our products will be featured on 24/7 MOMS on their blog and live show. They will also be doing a give-a-way with one of our ducks. did a live interview with us. It was a show about how different entrepreneurs were inspired to create their businesses. We were fortunate to be chosen out of 400 + responses.
We did a show with a similar theme with Robin Hardy who runs, a consulting firm that help entrepreneurs get inspired and get started in their own business.
And last but not least we did an interview for an upcoming book for the National Mail Order Association,  a 37 year old professional organization that provides information, education, and business contacts to those involved in using direct marketing and mail order selling with about 8,000 people worldwide.

Oh, and if I didn’t mention it before, be sure to check out our Official CelebriDucks BLOG where you can post comments, read updated news and see videos or visit our new CelebriDucks – Duck Wear Store.


We will have some fun new releases in additional to MJ which I hope to speak about shortly.  Enjoy the warm weather!

Craig Wolfe