Unicorn Rubber Duck- Uniquack

I see Unicorns are everywhere and so popular, but I never actually thought about doing one for our line until my customers started asking for one.  So I researched the market to see what was out there and did not really like any of them very much.  They were kind of a hybrid of a duck and a unicorn and didn’t seem to be designed very well.  Some looked downright weird.    

So anyway, we started working on our “Uniquack” and felt we had a better concept on how to do it.  We would put our cute yellow duck in a Unicorn onesie outfit.  I wanted to make the best unicorn rubber duck on the market.  So I thought that I would use a perlescent pink paint to give it a really nice sheen.  And then we really researched out the correct colors of the rainbow for the tail to really give it an authentic look.  And finally, we came up with this great looking Unicorn themed gift box.  Bottom line we now have what people feel is the finest Unicorn rubber duck on the market and the one by which all others will be compared.

It was a lot of work, but I am really glad to see that people are enjoying it and it is becoming one of our top selling items.  Hope it brings lots of good luck to us and our entire family of duck lovers!

-Craig Wolfe

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