Bruce Lee, the legend, is a CelebriDuck

Bruce Lee is to me the greatest martial artist of our time.  I have always been fascinated by what a remarkable person he was.  It saddens me that too many people don’t fully realize just how extraordinary this man was.  Years ago when our company was developing,  I very much wanted to add Bruce to the line.  At the time all his licensing was handled by Universal Studios.  Unfortunately, we were a young company and weren’t able to work out the financial details of a licensing deal that was acceptable to both parties. Years later, I got an e-mail from the estate of Bruce Lee asking us if we would be interested in working together.  They actually explained that Shannon, Bruce’s daughter, had always wanted Bruce to be a part of our line, but since the licensing was done by Universal it wasn’t possible for them to intercede at that time.  But now that Shannon had taken over all the licensing we very easily and quickly came to an agreement and as you can see, Bruce Lee, the legend, is now a CelebriDuck. If you have any doubts about the extraordinary abilities of this man, just watch this clip below.  It is simply amazing.  I very much hope that more people will be inspired to watch the films and old footage of this master.  We can all learn so much from him in terms of a human being’s physical and mental capabilities. Craig Wolfe