President Barack Obama Rubber Duck CelebriDuck

HOPE FLOATS -Hitting the pond soon is our newest acquisition in our rubber duck celebrity line.

Meet President Barack Obama, a collectible limited edition rubber duck that will be sure to please rubber ducky lovers and collectors worldwide.

This presidential duck will be the duckiest addition to your political collection or as a fundraising promotional item.

Our limited edition rubber duck in the image of our current President is hitting the shelves soon. Scheduled release April 2009.

Be sure to get them before they are gone.

Will Ferrell Promotional Gift Item If you are seeking wholesale rubber ducks as a promotional gift giveaway, or for your fundraising event, CelebriDucks are a great way to raise funds for schools, teams, non-profits, etc, and make an exceptional collectible which people love to own.

CelebriDucks creates extraordinary rubber ducks and promotional gift items for some of the world’s most famous Professional Sports Franchises and Corporations. Our custom rubber duck celebrities are unique

Our custom rubber duck celebrities are unique in that they all come in their own high quality gift box, all CelebriDucks have the edition printed on the bottom so each duck becomes part of a very exclusive limited edition, our rubber ducks are designed to float perfectly upright, and will never let in any water.

With their unsurpassed sculpted detail and painting, they are, quite simply, the finest “rubber” duckies on the market.