The Boat House Amphicars

Rae M. Olson, director of retail merchandising, The Boathouse Orlando in Windermere, Fla., photographed with a display of Celebriducks.
Olson said the product quality combined with the variety of styles make the ducks “irresistible.”

What’s Up, Duck?
How One Shop in Orlando is Wooing Collectors with CelebriDucks

From versions depicting the Blues Brothers and Charlie Chaplin to James Brown, Celebriducks have become popular at gift shops around the country. The concept – a rubber duck that looks like a celebrity – seems simple enough, but the artistry that goes into making these silly toys has made them a fan favorite. And for good reason: the ducks are cute, funny and very reasonably priced. Collectors have even begun cropping up in hopes of finding the funniest, coolest and most unusual Celebriducks on the market. Entertainment Weekly even included Celebriducks among its top 100 gifts of the year.

At The Boathouse Orlando in Windermere, Fla., Celebriducks have become a popular souvenir for guests of all ages. The restaurant, which operates a “boatique,” as it’s called, has been selling a lot of these ducks. Rae M. Olson, The Boathouse’s director of retail merchandising, said, “Ducks are synonymous with water and appeal to everyone from age 0 to 102. The quality combined with the variety of styles available make them irresistible.”

Though The Boathouse itself is an upscale nautical-inspired concept that combines shopping and dining with gorgeous waterfront views, the gift shop features a range of products from the more sophisticated (engraved paddles, apparel and jewelry) to more whimsical items like lake-themed gifts and notecards.

The vibe here, says Olson, is “upscale and fun with authentic nautical-themed products.” The ducks, as it turns out, fit right in. Customers, said Olson, seem to love that there are always new famous faces to choose from, and that all pay homage to celebrities the most humorous ways.

“The ducks,” said Olson, “make a great gift for collectors and duck enthusiasts. And the styles are also on-trend.” They come in a range of styles and categories that span entertainment, sports and politics, and even college mascots.

“The Trump Duck is the best-seller,” says Olson, “next to our customized AmphiDuck that comes in three colors.” Another popular version is the Duckmation, what Olson described as “an irresistible puppy.” She said, “New styles that are on-trend are introduced every month, which is perfect for the collector or tourist looking for a gift or souvenir. New sells.”
– Natalie Hope McDonald