Quackadile Rock – Musician Rubber Duck Characters

Quackadile Rock – Coming Summer 2019 – CelebriDucks Music Rubber Duck Characters

“I remember when ducks were young….floating around having so much fun…..”   Well, you get the idea.  I love the piano and have played my entire life.   So it was with great joy that we decided to release our first full on piano playing iconic rubber duck.  I mean what could be better than our Quackadile Rock.  I would love to have him here late Spring /early Summer. 

We really worked hard on giving him as much personality and flair as possible to really pop with personality.   I think it worked!  Our music line has really expanded and we are already working on even more musicians.  It’s one thing to put a mike or a guitar in someone’s hands.  But how do you do a baby grand?   Thus you can see what we came up with in our art form and it seems to have translated very well.  I hope you enjoy him as much as we enjoyed creating him. 

-Craig Wolfe