“Born to Sun” Music Rubber Duck


“Born to Sun” Music Rubber Duck Character – Coming Late Summer 2019!

As some of you might know, I am from Jersey and proud of it.   We have had our share of great ones…..Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny, and then there was this little band that was a bit famous around Asbury Park, one of my old stomping grounds.  So it was only natural that we had to honor our state and come up with our “Born to Sun” duck.  Or as we say on the box, “Damp like us, baby we were born to sun……”

movie star rubber ducks

I am hoping to have him here this Summer.  I guarantee it will rock your world and hopefully your bathtub likewise. In the end, we all want to honor our roots and where we came from.  So in honor of my background, I will be excited to see this baby hit the market.  OK, so maybe I need to keep this Jersey theme going…..hmmmm now what about that Sopranos duck???….oh no worries, just remembered that we already have The Godfeather in our line!

-Craig Wolfe