Our New Ducks Are Arriving

Finally…….after I don’t even know how long….our new ducks are arriving!   I always tell people that despite the way our company has grown to create what are considered some of the finest rubber ducks in the industry, if I had known what it took to make so much as one duck, I am not sure I would have gotten into the business.   There are just so many elements you have to take into account right from the beginning in the way you sculpt them. 


Then you have to make wax molds, pre-production molds, final production molds, spray mask molds, etc., etc….and you should know…ducks are like snowflakes….every one is oh so slightly different in the way the material forms in the molds.  So this can lead to floating issues which is why we even try to test each one after production.  You would be amazed to find out how many rubber ducks on the market do not float upright and just lay on their side in the water.  We try to engineer each of our ducks so that if you thrown one in on it’s head it pops upright.


So anyway, I digress.  My main point was that making a rubber duck is not easy.  And this last period of time saw us get buried and quite behind trying to get out our new styles plus get in ones which had sold out….just takes so much time.   However, all that being said, the new ducks should be arriving the first week of November.  I mean in our industry nothing is a given.  You could always have a customs exam last minute which would delay everything.  But hopefully we will have them very soon and then we begin shipping out thousands of ducks.


I am very grateful to those of you who have been so patient with us.  I hope when you see the new ones it will be worth it.  Our Quackodile Rock, Bohemian Quacksody, and Queen of Soak are just amazing.  Wait till you see them in real life.  We flew a Bohemian in for Rami Malek who won The Academy Award and he loved it!   Also on this shipment, we will have the return of our Gene Simmons, Ziggy StarDuck, and Duckin…..a musical bonanza!   And for you college fans, we have five new Rubber Tubbers arriving of Kentucky, Florida State, Auburn, Tennessee, and Georgia. 


Then later in December or could possibly be January, not sure yet, we have the return of Harry Ponder, Blue Suede, Jurassic Quack, Duck the Magic Dragon, The Floating Dead, UniQuack, GooseBusters, plus three new styles…..Turn Quack Time, The Pinball Gizzard, and Born to Sun!   Oh, and we are already working on our Lady Gaggle, and our Duck in Black with his Wing of Fire!   It’s endless…..just having fun here…..